Who is Lauren and why does she enjoy healthy food?

I am a 34 year old living outside of Boston with my wonderful husband, energetic daughter, sweet son, and playful dog.  I have degrees in both psychology and guidance counseling, and have worked in a variety of school settings.

I strive to find a balance between the two basic food philosophies of “eat to live” and “live to eat“.  I believe that food should be (and is!) one of the great pleasures of leading a healthy lifestyle.


My enjoyment of preparing and eating healthy food burgeoned during my graduate school years, when I started to prepare homemade meals. I found myself drawn to the eating habits instilled in me by my health-conscious parents; gravitating towards unprocessed foods and cooking with fresh ingredients. I became enthralled with The Food Network, subscribed to a handful of recipe catalogues, and scooped up a wide variety of cookbooks. My goal was to make food that was simultaneously wholesome and delicious.

Over the past few years my culinary ambition has not wavered, but my confidence in the kitchen has grown. Although I still consider myself somewhat of a cooking novice, I am thrilled to share my recipes with you. Many of the recipes posted on this blog were inspired by and/or adapted from others, whereas other recipes are “Lauren originals”.  Regardless of the origin, every recipe on Healthy Food For Living features whole foods that are sure to please your palate!

51 thoughts on “Who is Lauren and why does she enjoy healthy food?

  1. You are my new hero! We gave up processed foods for Lent, which, after I got past the first few days of making everything from scratch, quickly decided that this is not just a Lent thing… but a total lifestyle change that I want to do forever. I love that I know exactly what’s in each bite of food that my family eats and I love how much better I feel giving up all of the junk. Thanks for helping me realize that it IS possible to eat yummy foods that are still healthy!

    I can’t wait to try out some of your recipes! :)


  2. You are a delightful young woman and I am happy to find you! Sugar Free Mom is suggesting your Pina Colada Macaroons and I got fascinated by your blog title. I cook almost every cooked thing I eat and love fresh foods. I am a New England girl living in the South so I will enjoy hanging out with you! I’ll be praying for you, Sugar!

  3. Found you from Pinterest. That beautiful kitchen sink peanut butter recipe. You look a picture of health and beauty. Thank you for some great ideas.

  4. I totally agree with your philosophy on eating. I totally believe in healthy eating and that we really have to watch what we eat the majority of the time, however sometimes you’ve just got to have a treat. Although there are so many healthy treats on offer, we are really spoiled for choice. That’s why on my website I feature mainly healthy green smoothies (Green Thickies), I also have weekend treats which are my dessert ‘Thickies’ so I get a taste of a lovely dessert I am craving without the fat and calories. Such as this Apple Pie Dessert Smoothie: http://www.greenthickies.com/healthy-apple-pie-smoothie-dessert-thickie

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  7. Made your ham and cheddar cheese quiche for my husband for lunch today. It was wonderful and I can’t wait to try some of your other recipes. They all look fabulous and healthy! So nice to find some “different” wholesome recipes. Thank you!

  8. i have been RAVING about your pulled pork tacos to about anyone who will listen! in fact i recently blogged about it – of course i only have two followers, but hey, it’s a start right? :) anyway, mad props to you! you are amazing and i love how you took pictures of all the steps – it made it so easy to follow along! thanks!

  9. I am also a 29 year old Lauren! If you have a July birthday that would just be unreal :-)I stumbled upon your website and have already picked up a few recipes. Keep up the great work!

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  11. Hi, Lauren. I found your site when I searched for Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes for one. Great recipe! I have enjoyed browsing your site. You and I are quite different in many respects – you are 29, I am 69. You live in the eastern US, I live in the middle of the Canadian prairies. However, we both share a love of well made and nutritious foods. I’ll be following your journey and letting your recipes enliven my country woman’s cooking.
    Secondly, whoever designed your site did a terrific job! The layout, fonts and colors reflect your intent for this site. Very well done!

  12. Hi Lauren. I just found your blog searching for healthy recipes and love what you are doing! I too am an avid home cook, fan of the Food Network and collector of cookbooks.

    I am starting an online wellness practice and posted your blog on my Facebook business page as a wonderful place for my followers to find healthy recipes. I wish you much success.

  13. Great blog! Lots of fun stuff to read and bake! I’m always looking for healthy foods! I am in the organic food business so whatever I can find on the internet relating to “HEALTHY” or “ORGANIC” intrigues me. I will be back to check out your site often!

  14. Just came across your blog by web searching…. “healthy apple pancakes”. Glad I did! I love to cook as well, and my family and I enjoy all types of cuisine. My husband is in the military and we are stationed in Italy. Look forward to browsing your blog. Trust me.. my family thanks you and all the other healthy bloggers out there!

  15. googled for mahi mahi fish tacos and found your recipe! Gonna give it a try tonight – excited to flip through your other recipes. Always looking for inspiration for healthy dinner ideas. fyi, also in the military and finding your blog all the way in Japan! pretty neat! Thanks again!

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  18. You have a great blog and wonderful philosophy on life in general. I came to your site quiet by accident clicking on some pics in pinterest. God bless you and your family.

  19. Lauren, I have tried your vanilla brown sugar almond butter about 4 times but there is no way I can get it to cream up as shown in the recipe. I have tried high speed and low speed with my processor I have added peanut oil all with no success what is the secret. George

  20. Lauren,

    I have reached out to you via email about potentially working with you in the future. I have dedicated my life spreading my knowledge about the harmful affects of chemicals and preservatives in our diets. I know first hand how beneficial a wholesome diet with all natural ingredients can truly make a difference in your health and how you feel each morning when you wake up. I hope to talk to you in the future and feel free to check out V Well Health, the wellness company that exploded from my passion to help others and spread the health!

    Peace and Blessings,

  21. You look so freshfaced and healthy. I try to keep my focus on eating a healthy wholesome diet but occaasionally slip back into bad habits. Eating is sometimes down to our emotions and I would consider that I am a emotional eater and just by recognising that helps me to to be more aware of when I am eating to cheer myself up rather that what my body is needing.

  22. You certainly know how to enjoy your life. Combination of Healthy food and lifestyle with proper exercises make one stay young and happy. You have a great blog and good spirit which are very inspiring. thank you.

  23. Great website, I really like it. All recipes look fabulous and healthy. Lots of fun stuff to read and bake! Keep up the good stuff…thanks.

  24. This blog is fabulous. I really love how much information you have shared with your readers. I try to buy organic and eat only healthy stuff. Yeah, somedays I fall off the wagon but I always make a determined effort to get back on track. From being sceptics my spouse and daughter have joined me in my march towards good health.

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  25. What an unusual blog–being able to use html tags is one example. Another thing that caught my eye is that you had time and interest in graduate school to get into cooking. You are obviously an unusual person: congratulations! I too am all about whole foods and avoiding processed foods, and eating well without sacrificing taste. The best to you. Anne

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