A Kitchen Mistake Gone Right (aka Chocolate Almond Butter By Accident)

Last weekend I set out to make Ashley’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Almond Butter, and everything went swimmingly until I stirred the chocolate chips into the not-yet-fully-cooled freshly made almond butter (what can I say – I’m impatient).

The little morsels of chocolate quickly melted into the almond butter, resulting in a silky smooth, richly colored, and intensely chocolate almond butter.

If only all kitchen blunders led to such delicious results!

I’m going to direct you back to Ashley’s blog for the recipe, as I did not modify her recipe other than to a) sub in grain-sweetened chocolate chips for the dark and b) stir the chocolate chips into the still-warm almond butter until melted.

You can bet I’m going to be making her original recipe in the near future… until then, I am going to be slathering this decadent chocolate almond butter on just about anything I can find in the kitchen.

Have you ever made a cooking mistake that ended up yielding something great? If so, I’d love to read about it!

One thought on “A Kitchen Mistake Gone Right (aka Chocolate Almond Butter By Accident)

  1. I read your and Ashley’s recipes for almond butter. Loved the idea! Then I had an epiphany!! I have a jar of almond butter that no one would touch – except me. So…I removed it from the jar, heated it and added some chocolate chips. Well! You would think I had invented Christmas or something! It’s going fast and the kids are smiling…me too! Next time I’ll start from scratch.

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